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October 29 2017

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A mouse and eminem

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Did he win

he was eliminated that episode but gordon said his cake tasted good it just looked like shit





fuck flat earth. investigate large frog!

this post isn’t about homestuck! 

this post WASN’T about homestuck

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🎶Baby seasons change but people don't🎶

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three brainwashed parents and their scared-shitless son

(can be used as icons i guess? if anybody wants??)

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mind if i?..


i’ve been on the internet for a good decade of my life. i’ve seen some shit in that decade. i’ve been around for newgrounds and those /b/ raids and enjoyed fun memes such as ‘shoop da whoop’ and ‘do a barrel roll’ and i was even around for the birth of numa numa and all your base are belong to us. it’d be presumptuous to call myself an internet veteran but i’ve been on the internet for over half of my life okay i’ve seen nearly awful shock website and unfunny meme the internet has to offer so i don’t even question why things happen and go viral anymore.

except this.

this. this thing. this fucking thing. for over ten years. for over a goddamn decade, this thing still mystifies me. i’ve seen it on gaia. i’ve seen it on neopets. i’ve seen it on myspace. i’ve seen it on every single goddamn fucking yaoi wolf roleplaying website i’ve ever joined in the past ten years and i still have no idea what it even is. to this day i still see it hidden in the deepest corner of my abandoned gaia account from when i was 12. i don’t know what it’s even named but i’ve seen more edits of it than i’ve seen of longcat. and that thing is





What you got made fun of in school for?

i went into american public school for 6th grade and i pierced someone’s scrotum with a fencing foil that was missing the little rubber safety tip on the end by accident in gym and it was middle school so i was promptly nicknamed “The Nut Slayer” and i cried until my parents let me move back to europe and live with my grandparents 

nutslayer is a powerful title

can you imagine a european person coming to your school for 1 year, stabbing you in the ball sac, then promptly fucking back off to europe immediately afterwards. can you imagine being the bloke with the stitch in their scrote because of some mysterious foreign spherepuncturer

October 28 2017


James: It’s out of juice, Morty

Aleks: I’m not Morty, I’m…




how come conservative students think they’re smarter than professors with doctorates and shit

conservative students swear that every university professor is some radical leftist with an agenda when usually it’s a professor that just uses critical thinking skills, context, and has empathy

if you swear all the professors you encounter are wrong, it might actually be that your opinions are outdated, bigoted, and incorrect lmao

This is actually the reason behind the popular notion within conservative circles that universities have a “liberal bias.”

Consistently, conservative students will leave higher ed because they perceive critical thinking, self-critique, and open discussion as attacks on their selfhood, rather than as a process of refining ideas and arguments. All of their accusations about how the people who disagree with them are just “too sensitive” are nothing more than projection, because they very idea that they should question their own assumptions is something they believe would only make them weak. 

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trevor giving his boy some love right back
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Mugshot of John Wojtowicz who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbing a bank in order to fund his partners sex change. August 23rd 1972, New York

via reddit

the only good lgbt ally

also when they made dog day afternoon and bought the rights to his story he used the money to help fund edens surgery so he ended up able to help after all (after serving six years in prison for the heist)

other great facts:

- he based his bank robbery plan off The Godfather and Al Pacino ended up playing him and John Cazale played his accomplice
- referred to himself as ‘the gay Babe Ruth’
- when he got out of jail he applied for a job as a security guard at the same bank with a T-shirt that said ‘I robbed this bank’ and put Al Pacino down as a reference
- the robbery attempt was broadcast on TV and a crowd of LGBTQ activists came to cheer him on

chaotic good. 

Marry me.

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