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February 07 2018




you know what? fuck it, man. the world is held in the fists of people who like to break things. at this point i’m saying who gives a shit. wear that victorian dress you don’t have an excuse for. dress up like a witch, pointed hat and all. who cares anymore. why worry about it when there’s bigger stuff to worry on. i’m saying. yeah, this lipstick is too dark, wanna share? i’m saying go talk to her, tell her that you like her hair. i’m saying she’s out of my league but i’m still swinging, i’m saying yeah i’m in a ballgown and it’s a pta meeting. what about it. eat the extra brownie, tell her your feelings. i’m saying if nothing matters than we might as well give nothing meaning.

This is so inspiring

follow for more optimist nilihism

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Just some boys on a hill, contemplating their futures.



Last night I discovered that William Shakespeare named his son Hamnet and I feel like this is an awful secret I shouldn’t know


*died at age 11* *has a beard and mustache*

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damn aleks is really out here … looking like this …


“Need a moment to think about stuff with my panda friend.”

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damn aleks is really out here … looking like this …

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moodboard for watching your friend sit on the concrete and scream in agony as he hits walnuts over and over 


Can’t express how much I love Flower. Doesn’t matter what team he’s on I’d fucking kill a man for him.

February 06 2018

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Как приготовить тесто

“How to prepare the dough

  1. To begin with, take some flour
  2. Ah, no, the flour is sleeping. Let’s not bother her, she might bite
  3. We’ll prepare the dough some other time”
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That good ol Cowchop ghoul gang

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February 05 2018

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